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About Us

Our Mission

To develop and deliver a sustainable weather-based information system that helps users make pest, plant production, and natural resource management decisions in Michigan.

Special acknowledgement

Thank you to the many MSU researchers, Extension specialists and educators who contribute to the science and knowledge behind Enviro-weather.

Contact us

Website or tools: or (517) 432-6520
Stations: or (517) 355-8128

Our staff and associates

Larry Olsen is a professor in Entomology. He currently serves as co-director for the Enviro-weather Program, IPM Program Interim Coordinator, Pesticide Safety Education Program Interim Coordinator, and co-Director of the North Central IPM Center. Larry's research interests include farm safety and evaluation of pesticide exposure and risk reduction. His outreach efforts focus on pesticide safety education and IPM adoption.

Jeff Andresen, Associate Professor of Meteorology/Climatology in the Department of Geography, the State Climatologist for Michigan, and co-director for the Enviro-weather Program. His research and extension interests focus on weather and climate on agriculture, especially within Michigan and the Great Lakes Region. Current and past themes include; climatological trends and potential impacts, water use for agricultural irrigation, potential future changes in climate, and weather and risk management in agricultural production and plant protection.

Beth Bishop, Enviro-weather Coordinator. Beth facilitates and helps manage the various projects within Enviro-weather. She serves as liaison among staff members and among Enviro-weather staff and its partners, supporters and users. Beth also helps work groups identify priority projects for Enviro-weather. She educates users about Enviro-weather tools and works to identify new users and areas for expanding resources. You may reach Beth by phone at (517)432-6520.

Tracy Aichele, Steve Casey and Jim Brown work on the computing systems behind the scenes. Jim specializes mainly on server and database administration, keeping the systems running smoothly. Tracy and Steve build and maintain the Enviro-weather website and program the Enviro-weather reports and models.

Steve Marquie manages the field operations of the weather station network and coordinates maintenance and repair. He designs and implements new weather monitoring systems, provides technical resources for workgroups and users on data logging, remote measurements, and field GPS/GIS technology. You may reach Steve by phone at (517) 355-8128.

Aaron Pollyea ensures data quality for the Enviro-weather system.

Joy Landis is the communications manager for the MSU Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program and a member of Enviro-weather's development team. She identifies linkages between Enviro-weather tools and IPM web resources and helps make them readily accessible to users. The Crop Advisory Team (CAT) Alert newsletters are one such source. The newsletters report on current season crop and pest status and are linked through Enviro-weather.

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