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Sturgeon Bay Temperature and Rainfall Summary (Report issued 4/18/2014 1:30)

Missing air temperature and degree day data for dates: 2014-04-16
Missing rainfall data for dates: 2014-04-16
Note that frozen precipitation amounts may not be accurate.
Add another column of degree day calculations
Starting date of growing degree day accumulation:

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Degree Days Base 32F
(Baskerville-Emin method)
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Degree Days Base 40F
(Baskerville-Emin method)
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Degree Days Base 42F
(Baskerville-Emin method)
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Degree Days Base 45F
(Baskerville-Emin method)
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Degree Days Base 50F
(Baskerville-Emin method)
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Rainfall (in.)
DayDateMinMaxAveTodaySince 1/1TodaySince 1/1TodaySince 1/1TodaySince 1/1TodaySince 1/1TodaySince 1/1
Thu 4/327.133.430.20.361.9010.706.602.800.601.73
Fri 4/425.733.329.50.262.1010.706.602.800.60.171.9
Sat 4/519.844.432.1466.10.811.50.36.902.800.60.031.93
Sun 4/631.250.941.
Mon 4/731.557.744.612.687.86.721.95.515.
Tue 4/82754.9419.997.74.926.83.9192.610.80.93.401.93
Wed 4/925.155.340.29.6107.34.931.74232.713.514.401.93
Thu 4/1033.759.546.614.6121.97.939.66.629.64.918.42.56.901.93
Fri 4/1131554311.11335.4454.333.92.921.317.90.031.96
Sat 4/1231.542.737.15.2138.20.645.60.134021.307.90.112.07
Sun 4/1333.
Mon 4/1420.435.6280.8149.2049.6036.9022.9080.232.72
Tue 4/1516.831.324.10149.2049.6036.9022.9080.012.73
Wed 4/16NANANANA149.2NA49.6NA36.9NA22.9NA8NA2.73
Thu 4/173345397156.21.4510.737.6022.90802.73