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Enviro-weather Frost Alarm Service

Enviro-weather is offering a Frost Alarm service in Spring 2013. The Frost Alarm will alert users via email and/or text message if specific weather conditions are met at selected Enviro-weather stations. Notifications are made each hour, 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. For example, a user in East Lansing can choose to be notified by email and text message if the weather station at the MSU Hort Farm registers a temperature below 34 degrees with a wind speed of less than 5 mph and also if the station at the MSU Turf Farm registers a temperature below 35 degrees. Users can choose to be notified for any number of stations and any combination of conditions.

The Frost Alarm is available by subscription for $50 per year. Before February 15, the price is only $40. The service is available March 15 through June 30. Contact Beth Bishop at for more information.

  • MSU Extension
  • Michigan State University Ag Bio Research
  • Project Greeen